Hurricane Preparedness: Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Preparedness: Are You Prepared?

Hurricane Preparedness 2

With Hurricane Season in full swing we want to make sure everyone is prepared if a hurricane were to make landfall near you.  Below you will find some tips, tricks and suggestions that we have compiled.

  • Are you in an evacuation area?    Know your evacuation route and plan accordingly.  Share your plan with all family members so they know where you are headed.  Follow all evacuation orders as issued by authorities.
  • Have an emergency supply kit that fits the needs of your family.  Some recommendations/suggestions are below:
    • Water – 1 gallon of water per person per day.  Have enough for at least 3 days.  You will need this for drinking as well as sanitation.
    • Food – have at least a three-day supply of non-perishable food and a manual can opener
    • Battery powered/hand crank radio or weather radio
    • Flashlights and extra batteries
    • Notebook and Pencil/Pen
    • First Aid Kit
    • Cell phone and chargers, both car and wall, and a backup battery if available
    • Medications – Prescription and over the counter
    • Emergency Contact information
    • Insurance Company information – either the claim numbers for the carrier or your agent’s contact information
    • Baby items – formula, bottles, diapers, wipes
    • Pet food and extra water for pets.  Also have vaccination records should you need to shelter your pet
    • Cash – if you plan on relying on your debit card notify your bank that you will be travelling so they do not freeze your card for “suspicious” activity
    • Blanket/Pillow for each person
    • Full change of clothes
    • Rain Gear
    • Feminine Supplies
    • Activities for children – games, cards, puzzles or books
    • Camera – in case there is damage to your property
  • Pay attention to the news and weather so you know what is happening in your area and when the storm is expected to get to you
  • Fill all vehicles with gas.
  • Bring in/tie down any items that can be picked up by the wind
  • Close all windows and doors and board up/shutter if necessary
  • Unplug any small appliances

Safety is of the utmost importance.  Follow the news and weather for the most up to date information.  Not all storms will bring the same kind of damage – some will be rain makers and others will be wind makers, both types can be devastating to an area, be aware of what could potentially happen in your area.  Use the above at your discretion and make an appropriate plan that best fits your needs.


Source/Reference:  National Hurricane Center, American Red Cross