Insuring Your Toys

Insuring Your Toys


What do you consider a toy?  A toy when it comes to insurance can be any of the following:  RV, ATV, Golf Cart, Jet Ski, Boat (of any size/type), Motorized Scooter, or Motorcycle.  All of these items need to be insured separate from your home and auto insurance policies.

Boats and Jet Ski’s:

  1. Exposure:  Are you a Commercial Fisherman?  Recreational Fisherman?  Are you boating in salt water?  Fresh water?  Do you rent your vessel?  Do you live on your vessel?  These are all questions that will help determine the type of policy you need.
  2. Basic Coverages: Basic coverages include the hull, engine(s) and trailer. In some cases, the engine replacement cost is more than the hull.
  3. Bells and Whistles:  Don’t forget your special equipment ranging from fishing gear to recreational water sports equipment.  Valuable coverages also include Unisured/Underinsured Boaters, Theft, Passenger Injuries and more.

Motorcycles, Motorized Scooter, Golf Carts and ATV’s

  1. Exposure: Do you run Motorcross?  Vehicle commercially used?  Long distance commuting/travel?  Crusing/Pleasure riding?  Off-road riding?  These are all questions that will help determine the type of policy you need.
  2. Basic Coverages: In most cases, the NCDMV requires liability coverage for these vehicles when used on the road.  Physical damage coverage is also available to repair or replace your vehicle if an accident where to occur.
  3. Bells and Whistles: Safety apparel can be a significant investment. Check whether you have coverage for items such as helmets, boots and gloves and for how much.

Recreational Vehicles and Campers

  1. Exposure: Do you live in your RV/Camper?  How often is it used?  Do you rent it?  Is it garaged at a campground?  What type is your RV/Camper?  These are all questions that will help determine the type of policy you need
  2. Basic Coverages: Much like insurance for your car, RV insurance can include liability, comprehensive, collision and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage.
  3. Bells and Whistles: Just like your home insurance, it is important to cover all the items inside your RV/Camper, as they are just as valuable as the items in your home.

It’s a good feeling to get back behind the wheel of your favorite toy. It’s even better when you know you have the coverage you want for the toy(s) you love.  Vogedes Insurance Agency, Inc. can help you with all of the above and more.  Stop by one of our offices – Edenton or Kitty Hawk and ask to speak with an agent.



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